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Men’s Fujian Province Were Branded Channel Plan

Recently, Fujian Province sent sales of men’s efforts to change will be entrusted to the operator system, the usual practice of growing a variety of ways to take control of their own channel capacity. The various initiatives related businesses shows a trend: Men’s Fujian Province is being sent from the manufacturer branded channel to contain the track towards the diversification of the brand.

This reporter learned that seven wolves, Lee Lang, Qipai, nine, animal husbandry, Wang, Fu Du, and Jin tyrants, and so on have to strengthen their efforts to transform the network, transformation, there are two main methods, one directly managed and joint venture development of channels, two is to encourage direct marketing and fleet customized services. Experts pointed out that the Min-leading brands to send men to strengthen the control of channel capacity on the one hand is to strengthen the system started in Fujian Province from the agency to send marketing model’s development needs, but another point of view, is subject to the Spanish brand ZARA, Sweden brands H & M as well as domestic channel Knoch, ITAT, PPG, and House HAILAN channels such as the impact of the rise of commercial brands.

Means a

Direct marketing and custom

Direct marketing and custom in the last stage of men’s Fujian Province were an important way to strengthen the channels of the reform. At present, the concrete manifestation of this approach can be a virtual network of direct sales business, may also be obtained through public relations work Group buy customized services.

This year in June, Lee Lang (China) Co., Ltd. a subsidiary of marketing, the addition of a body that is the great customer service and Group buy department, specifically to carry out high-end custom business. Meanwhile, the marketing strategy, Lee Lang has taken to Fujian’s Xiamen, Zhangzhou and Quanzhou, where it means to Fuzhou and Foreign market penetration and extension. According to reports, the Group buy business is aimed at high-end consumer groups, mainly for organs and units, banks and other enterprises and institutions.

9, animal husbandry, the Ministry of Wang’s Group buy is independent of the outside of a marketing department and marketing department and the Department of the same brand, is a nine, animal husbandry, Wang (China) Limited, marketing company, because of its marketing company has appointed former general manager of Noriko Featured Long (Fujian) Garment Development Co., Ltd. Managing Director. Therefore, the current nine, animal husbandry, marketing, general manager of a king from the rank of nine, animal husbandry, Wang Lin, chairman of the temporary part-time intelligent, personally guided by the Ministry of Group buy related businesses. At present, the nine, animal husbandry and Wang Department of Headquarters Group buy more than 30 people, coupled with its branches across the country have set up Group buy department, a combined total of a total of more than 100 people.

Qipai has also been conducting Group buy business exploration. According to the company related to those introduced in 2000 in Fujian Qipai Group Co., Ltd. was established as the State Ministry of Public Security, “99-style” people’s police clothing and uniforms are soft ones designated production enterprise, Group buy business on this basis, the rapid extension of. In addition, as Qipai “Chinese stand-collar,” the rise of its business to further develop the Group buy. According to deputy general manager of Hong Xiaofeng Qipai revealed that the national Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the brand who have customized service packages.

In addition, the tiger is, seven wolves and Jin Ba were also carried out to varying degrees of network and fleet customized direct exploration.

Direct sales through the network and fleet custom development, enterprise raised the proportion of non-agent system channels, reducing the dependence on the agent channel.

Mode 2

Direct and associates

Men’s Fujian Province were issued in respect of Direct force, from the last year began. 7 wolf pairs of the channel can be described as a special liking for the brand. A condition of anonymity industry sources told reporters that seven wolves in Fujian Industrial Co., Ltd. in the framework of the Ministry of dedicated channel set up with the marketing department, marketing department and other departments side by side, this move highlights innovation in the clothing belonging to the field of .

In September 2007 the wolf at the seven new orders at the spring and summer of 2008, seven wolves, chairman of Chow was announced to the outside world: “seven wolves do not want to become one of the largest garment manufacturing companies, but to become China’s largest Clothing retail and wholesale businesses. “The implication, 7 the wolf from the apparel manufacturer’s brand to the end-channel branded transition. In fact, the current focus on the implementation of seven wolves in north-west strategy, its 20 “men’s life,” started planning 10 Direct.

7 channels of control and construction of the wolf is not only confined to the home, in the brand’s international strategy steps, a number of brands with international co-operation with international brands channels to sell their products abroad. Therefore, the seven wolves known as Yao Da caused by China “POLO”, the channel providers better integrated into the brand value chain.

In addition to seven wolves outside, Lee Lang, 9, animal husbandry, Wang, SEVEN, tigers are, and Ba Jin, also vigorously readjust the channel structure, additional Direct and associate institutions, increasing and associated network of Direct marketing channels in the overall proportion. By Jin Ba (China) Co., Ltd., for example, side by side with the marketing department specifically set up Direct department, in charge of Direct and associated work; order to cancel part of the qualifications of unqualified agents, directly managed by Lee Lang and associates of the machine, will be Direct business to expand from Fujian to Guangdong.


Channels are in demand

According to informed sources, both directly managed and joint venture spend huge sums of money to build channels, or additional network and fleet customized direct marketing department, are designed to increase the right channel for manufacturers of effective control, while the driving force behind it is to expect a high the amount of returns on the simple circulation as well as the headquarters of appeal.

Clothing camp in Fujian were within the channel companies very early exploration of the brand, but also very productive. In 1997, Knoch (China) Sales Co., Ltd. Fashion chain from manufacturers to force the withdrawal of ground-breaking onto the fashion chain business model, directly from the manufacturer the brand transition to a channel branded.

In the country, in addition to notch addition, in recent years have emerged Sea Orchid House, I  TAT and PPG channels such as commercial brands. HAILAN House that “man closet” concept, ITAT international brands dominated play in the mainstream mall stores set up shop, while the PPG is completely customized to the network to sell non-store mode.

This mode of operation of several channels, while the business is not the same, but they all followed a principle: to shorten the supply chain, adhere to a reasonable price. For example, the notch playing of “adhering to the profit of 8%” slogan, ITAT will be suppliers, shopping malls and ITAT tripartite split transparency, declared itself took only 15% of the profits, PPG through the completely non-store-type sales of its products to reach unexpected price.

“So did clothing manufacturers, to find agents, looking for wholesalers, go to the end, found that garment manufacturers is not an industrial chain, chain master.” Knoch Ding Hui, general manager told reporters that he was very clear advantages and disadvantages of the manufacturing sector This prompted him to turn to the sale of the industrial chain links, and create their own branded channel.

At present, the new channel, without exception, by controlling the terminal to control the whole industrial chain. In addition to taking home HAILAN franchising model, more channels, all use a strong information system controls upstream and downstream enterprises.

From an international channel brand development process point of view, stationed in Beijing and Shanghai in recent years, the Spanish brand ZARA, every weekend, the store’s dressing area and the cashier before they are waiting in long lines. In addition, the Swedish clothing retail brand H & M is also China shop.

“ZARA model is not difficult to implement, the Chinese garment enterprises a strong production capacity, logistics and distribution capabilities, information technology capabilities have reached the requirements of this model, the domestic garment manufacturers to make a transition channel brands, and conditions are unique.” D Hui said.

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